Prepare to Influence, pt. 1

One of the most incredible opportunities in life is when a person shares their idea or project with you and you are the first to see it. When someone has poured themselves into a task, a song, a piece of writing, an event, or some other blank space that they have molded and shaped with care, and you are the audience for its first unveiling: your reaction holds immense power for shaping the future of that idea or craft.

Moms display a wonderful ability to respond with wonder when their child, of any age, reveals their 'big idea.' They have a special knack for imagining along with their child what might be, and not only what is. A mother almost always responds with "Wow! Did you really think of that? Did you really do that? Wow! I'm so proud!"

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a particularly fine example of this attribute. She carefully stores in her heart the things that were said about Jesus, along with his own actions in childhood, and draws on that sense of wonder at just the right time at the Wedding in Cana.

  • How can we all learn from Mary to keep imagination alive?
  • Do you find yourself ever wanting to tell someone else (in church or at the office) "we've tried that before, it never works"? What other words would nurture an environment of learning, trial, creativity?
  • How does this idea, of imagining with someone else instead of shutting down their creativity, impact the way you want to interact with your spouse? your kids? your employees or team?

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